Tammy Mazzocco is a Whirlwind in The Real Estate Industry

There is no doubt that Tammy Mazzocco loves her work as a realtor. The accomplished professional is in her element when she is with a client, showing them homes in the central Ohio region around Pickerington. She is a sales agent with RE/MAX in the town as well as the four surrounding counties and she is busy all the time.

Tammy started in the real estate business as a secretary to a commercial realty group and she worked in that capacity for several years before deciding that sales was the way to go, as she has seen several people that she knew do very well in the sales and marketing capacity of the business.

According to Philly Purge, Today Tammy Mazzocco is one of the more well-known and successful realtors in the region. She says that the one thing that she really loves is to have a family find the home of their dreams and to realize that she had been a major part of that decision. People is what makes it all worthwhile, and Tammy loves people.

One thing that Tammy Mazzocco does that helps a lot is to set meaningful goals. Then she breaks the goals down into smaller, more manageable sections so that they are easier to work with. That keeps her on track and she gets more accomplished.

When asked what the key to her success is, she states immediately that being in the field, showing houses to prospective buyers is the most important thing. That seems obvious, but she says that it is amazing how difficult that can sometimes become. There are a million little things that seem to get in the way of that, but these items must either be delegated (remember she was a secretary) or they must be reassigned.

People need lots of help when they are looking for a new home as they are out of their comfort zone. Tammy usually gets the sale when people realize just how knowledgeable and helpful she is.

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