Norka Luque Has Made an Astounding Comeback

‘Miracle’ was the first song that Norka Luque become known for, especially in her native Venezuela, where that song is still high on the country’s music chart. This song was composed by the world famous song writer, Señor Archie Peña. This great song stayed #1 on Record Report’s salsa and pop music chart. But, perhaps the most popular Peña version was his club mix of ‘Miracle’ with Dominican El Cat. He has also done versions with Cuco Peña and Luis Giraldo. The mastering of much of Luque’s albums has been done by Peña with assistance from the Gaitan Brothers, famous for their perfect layering of sound.

Norka had problems with her health, because of dramatic weight gain, that became a Public Relations loss for the talented singer. Now she is following the guide of her own personal trainer, losing the weight, and getting into a very active and healthy lifestyle. This is all part of Norka Luque’s comeback. It has been a roller coaster existence for her since her initial success with her first song: Como Lo Haces Tu. Her second hit, ‘Milagro,’ grew to be a world wide ear worm that hundreds of millions have now listened to and loved. On the Billboard Dance Charts, it scored #11, world wide.

Of her new healthy lifestyle, Luque, whose full name is Norka Dubrazka Caracas Soraya Martinez Luque, as told interviewers that she lost over 32 kilograms of excess weight and has taken on a daily exercise regime that is impressive.  Clearly, she has worked hard to overcome the only obstacle she has experienced in her high flying entertainment career.

Norka Luque was named ‘Female Pop Artist of the Year‘ by Premios Lo Nuestro magazine. Milagro stayed #1 on the chart for what seemed like years. Now she has a new song that looks very promising: ‘Tomorrowland.’ Now that she had become fit and healthy, Norka is being mentored even more than she had already been helped by her friend and superstar, Emilio Estefan. Luque also thanks her very strong and close family for their steady support of her career. She now performs many types of music, including tropical dance, pop, rock, ballads, and R&B.

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