Nationwide Title Clearing Makes Mortgage Reports Available Online

Property reports are now easier to get. That’s because Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. has revamped it’s website to make it possible to order the property reports online in response to calls about title defects problems. Title defects have been identified as the cause of wrongful foreclosure and problems moving assets within secondary markets. The company’s leadership explained accurate, easily accessible, online property records will ensure there is clear title conveyance and reduce the buyback risk and make it possible to foreclose on properties.

There are several factors that render a title invalid. They include someone trying to claim a property owned by someone else, bad title wording, missing a required signature, liens and other encumbrances and not following document filing or recording procedures. NTC CEO John Hillman explained that taking care of title defects prior to selling or transferring the property is key. The company is offering a variety of reports online to facilitate the process. They include:

a. Current Owner Report
b. Assignment Verification Report Services
c. Tax Status Report
d. Tax Status (Plus) Report

This enables them to successfully serve the U.S.’s largest lenders while meeting crucial, heavily audited compliance regulations. The company’s success is due to their understanding of the needs of the client and their ability to customize the reports’ data sets.

Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. is a company that provides research and document-processing services for residential mortgages. Founded in 1991, the Palm Harbor, Florida based company is privately owned and is an industry leader in providing the top mortgage lenders, investors and servicers with title report services. NTC has a reputation for very accurate reports, quality document processing, protecting homeowners, providing assistance to the mortgage banking industry as well as preserving the country’s land records.

NTC’s document and land records experts work in all 3,600 jurisdictions nationwide to track the documents while fulfilling all county document requirements. The company specializes in providing property reports, land records research, final document tracking, lien release services, document retrieval, assignment services as well as other custom business solutions.  NTC is one of Tampa Bay and the nation’s fastest growing companies. For two consecutive years NTC won Inc.’s Hire Power award because of their role in creating jobs for American workers.

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  1. Their goal is to make securing accurate residential property reports easier. The company gets data from counties and many other sources and couples it with automation and human verification. The issue on ground is that best writing service can also get everything work so well for others to emulate so well.

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