Malini Saba’s Worldwide Renowned Humanitarian Acts

Malini Saba is a South Asian native who is a self-made billionaire investor and philanthropist. Malini is the current leader and founder of Stree, a global nonprofit investment organization geared towards assisting women earning a low income elevate their living conditions. Malini’s motivation to begin Stree was inspired by her vision of a brighter future through the betterment of women and children’s lives.


The union provides the women with avenues to access health care services and legal forums. It also gives a platform for these women to connect with the other social progressive movements in Africa, India, Eastern Europe and Central America. The organization which was set up in 2001, has received an endorsement from the former President, Clinton, and Noor, the queen of Jordan. Her other notable charity involvement is her $1 million donation towards the construction of the world’s first research center for heart-related complications of the South Asians, at the El Camino Hospital in Mountain View California in 2005.


She invested in companies such as Pay incorporation, Netscreen Technologies Incorporation, which became a merge to Juniper Networks Incorporation at about $4 million, eBay affiliation, Sycamore Networks alliance is also known as NASDAQ SCMR.She is the founder and present Chairman of Saban, a worldwide company with investment assets in the US, China, Australia and India. The investment products include technology, oil and gas and real estate.


Malini has led her company towards expansion through endurance in fighting scandals in corruption-ridden countries and businesses worldwide, and a long life grass root commitment to her staff. She stated that she ensures to walk around offices to interact with her employee and increase productivity in the workplace.


She stated that a joyful attitude and consistent authenticity in one’s passion and life goals are the key factors required to achieve one’s goals


Apart from her business and humanitarian commitment, Malini expressed her commitment to her daughter. She revealed that her daughter’s existence deepens her understanding of the need for a better future. Saba stated that she looks up to Mother Teresa for her unshaken belief and courageous efforts in helping the underprivileged in the society.

Malini Saba is a modern day business lady who strives to derive her happiness and worth through her personal life’s joys and triumphs.

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  1. In 2004, Saba contributed $10 million to the aid of the victims of the Tsunami in India and Sri Lanka islands. Malini’s began investing in the Silicon Valley in the 1990’s as a venture capitalist. There are ways in which buy custom essay uk and also to make sure.

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