Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer Extends The Family Business Of RBS Group

The President of the RBS Group, Duda Melzer has long been known for the success he has been achieving since returning to the family business of his Sirotsky family. A popular media company that serves the Rio Grande do Sul area with a range of TV, radio, and news options for residents to enjoy; Returning to RBS in 2004 allowed Duda Melzer to explore the impressive options open to him in New York for learning about the latest developments in new media technologies and finance.

Any changeover in leadership for a family business can be a difficult time for a company, but Duda Melzer has sought to enlist expert help to make sure the RBS Group is constantly moving in the right direction. The Harvard graduate has been interested in making sure the traditions of the family business are respected at all times through the expertise of Professor John Davis. A major focus has been placed on the ethics of operating a family business in the 21st century when Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer wishes to push forward the success of the RBS Group without forgetting the traditions of his family.

Duda Melzer graduated from the Harvard School of Business with a postgraduate degree in Business Administration and has sought to continue his education with two further Harvard taught courses. Now the President of the RBS Group, Duda Melzer is one of the world’s leading new media specialists who is also looking to explore new areas of business for the Sirotsky family to grow into across the course of the next century.

In a report by clicrbs, the respect Duda Melzer is held in his home country of Brazil can be seen in the fact he has been a speaker for a range of industry groups, including the World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers; he has also been a speaker at the well known TED Talks events around the world.

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