Dr. David Samadi Announces New Show On Fox News Channel

Dr. David Samadi, a New York based prostate surgeon, is the Chief of Robotic surgery and chairperson of Urology at Lenox Hill Hospital located in New York City. He is among the few Urologic surgeons across the United States trained robotic, open, and laparoscopic surgery. He is recognized as the best prostate surgeon. He has performed over seven thousand successful robotic surgeries through his own developed and advanced SMART prostate surgery technique. He offers his patient’s personalized care before the procedure and after the surgery.

Dr. Samadi is aggressively involved in proctoring and training prostate surgeons and urologists in the United States and abroad. He is widely recognized as a prostate surgeon because of his success in SMART surgery. His Modified and Advanced Robotic Technique has produced excellent results in prostate surgery.

Dr. David Samadi announced he will be hosting a New Show on Fox News Channel starting from September. The show is called “Sunday Housecall with Dr. David Samadi.”. According to Dr. Samadi, the educative show will keep viewers updated on the latest health issues and the medical stories while offering important medical treatment tips.

Dr. David Samadi “Sunday Housecall show” will be broadcasted live on Sundays begging at 12.30 ET. Viewers can follow and watch the show on Facebook, Twitter, at DrSamadiTV.com or YouTube live. The show will feature several guests, including experts from the health, medical and wellness field, to analyze and discuss important health issues with Dr.Samadi, giving the public the sought after answers and solutions to good health. Health issues covered will be in women’s and men’s health, food, exercise, diet, prostate health, common diseases, sexual health and many other current issues in the medical field.

Since Dr. Samadi’s show will be live, viewers will have an opportunity to email or call and ask questions live during and after the show. Dr. Samadi or guest specialists will answer all the questions raised. Dr. Samadi welcomes to the show any health specialist/medical specialist who has designed a medical/peer review products or written a book that promotes health issues. Individuals with extensive knowledge in areas of wellness and health are also welcome to the show.

Dr. Samadi, who is a certified urologic surgeon, has dedicated his notable career to diagnosis, early detection, and treatment of prostate cancer. His life mission is to create global attention and awareness of a disease that is considered the second prominent cause of illness and death in men. Viewers will learn a lot from this show especially men as Dr. Samadi will explain prostate cancer deeply.

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