Doe Deere is on Her Way to the Top

Doe Deere is the founder and CEO of Lime Crime Cosmetics. This Russian native and New York raised girly girl is empowering the world with her message that makeup is more than makeup. It is an avenue to let your personality shine through, express who you are, and be confident. Empowering people to be true to who they are is the message Deere intends to send to her customers.


Doe’s inspiration to bring a wide range of colors that people can have fun comes from her goal to develop a cosmetic line that allows people to have fun. Her cosmetics have bright colors to create bold looks. It’s not about functional makeup or creating that perfect look with Lime Crime. It is about having fun.


Doe is not simply founder and CEO, she believes in her products so much that she uses them and tests them herself before sending new products to production. If she doesn’t believe in a product, then she doesn’t bother selling it.


The innovation doesn’t end with the makeup products itself, but it extends into how the products are sold. All of Doe’s products are sold entirely online. From the eyeshadow to the lipstick and everything in between, all products are sold online. Even though Deere was cautioned that selling cosmetics online would be difficult to nearly impossible, Deere was adamant that this would work, and it did! It was all about the presentation. If customers could visualize the products on themselves, then they would be more apt to buy it. What better way to portray the products than on an actual person? Deere’s determination and vision paid off because it changed the way makeup is sold.


Deere is an entrepreneur and an empowering woman. She is a woman who set out to make her dreams a reality. Her vision to change the world of makeup is now taking over the cosmetic world.

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