Cone Marshall: Enforcer Of Best Practices in International Tax

Crunchbase has it that Cone Marshall is a reputable New Zealand law firm that works with families with global interests and their legal teams. Cone Marshall helps them to establish in New Zealand and offers them legal advice on how to set up companies. The company literally provides reliable advice to clients on the right steps to take when it comes to starting a firm legally. The firm was founded by Karen Marshall and Geoffrey Cone in 2005.

They both attended the University of Otago and graduated with LLBs. Mr. Cone has worked as a partner in some leading firms. He specialized in advising clients in trust and tax matters. Mr. Marshall has worked as a commercial litigator, but he specializes in Trusts.

The law firm does not work with private clients. It aids foreign organizations, entities, and the lawyers representing the entities with issues related to the mode of work that they are doing in New Zealand.

One of the areas that Cone Marshall deals with is tax planning. The article from Hackronym clarifies the type of work that the law firm does for its clients. New Zealand is a tax transparent country.

They share all the records on tax transactions and filings done in the country. This means that all the information on matters related to tax is in the open for all to see. Cone Marshall is involved in clean tax dealings.

He helps to enforce the domestic tax laws. The article explains that Cone Marshall has worked to ensure New Zealand does not become a tax haven and the transparent nature does not change. This brought about the recognition of the firm as the top company in international tax planning in the country.

The NZ Herald also covered a post about Cone Marshall. In this post, Geoffrey Cone explains the stance that the law firm takes in the thorny issue of tax havens.

Geoffrey goes on to explain the various laws that New Zealand has in place to ensure it is not converted to a tax destination for people seeking to store their cash in offshore accounts. Geoffrey Cone and Karen Marshall have always worked to make sure that any entity observes the rules that the law firm has taken up as clients.

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