Enjoy A Green Tea Ceremony Kim Dao Style

The Japanese have a passion for tea. In particular, green tea. Since Australian beauty vlogger Kim Dao spends much of her time in Tokyo, she decided to make a video dedicated exclusively to Japan’s favorite drink.

In this video, Kim Dao opens a box full of matcha green tea products from Samurai Buyer and reviews them all. If you’re looking to try a traditional Japanese green tea in the future, it might be worth your while to hear Kim Dao’s review of these products.

In addition to the actual matcha powder used in traditional Japanese tea ceremonies, Kim Dao also receives a matcha cookie and matcha chocolates. The particular name of the product Kim uses in her tea tasting is Hoshino Matcha Au Lait.

Kim Dao grabs her Sailor Moon mug and opens one of the Hoshino Matcha Au Lait sticks. After putting all of the matcha powder into her mug, Kim pours in some hot water. She lets the green tea cool down for a bit while she opens up even more green tea goodies.

In a neatly wrapped box, Kim Dao discovers a layered matcha cake. She quickly cuts off a piece of the cake to try. Kim says that the cake definitely leaves a sweet aftertaste of sweet green tea in your mouth. Overall, she really likes the cake.

Before tasting the tea, Kim also tries the matcha chocolates and the matcha cookie. She likes the chocolates much better than the cookie. When she tries the Hoshino Matcha Au Lait, she says it tastes just like Starbucks.

To close out the video, she tries to perform an authentic Japanese tea ceremony with products from Samurai Buyer. Although she watches the instructional video numerous times, she feels like her tea ceremony was a bit of a “fail.”

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