What can be Learned from Roberto Santiago’s Entrepreneurial Journey and Success

Roberto Santiago is a prominent businessperson in Brazil who made his fortune from building a shopping mall. He is regarded as the creative force behind one of the most lucrative and largest business complexes in Brazil. The business complex is known as the Roberto Santiago Maniara Shopping Mall.


Academic and Entrepreneurial Background


Roberto’s desire to build a facility that would cater to people’s recreational and shopping needs began when he was in college. He pursued an undergraduate degree course in business administration to prepare him for his future entrepreneurship career. His goal was to set up a structure that would suit people of all ages.


Before launching the shopping mall, Roberto had garnered a huge following on the Internet. He used to create fascinating and informative articles that were posted on his blog. From blogging, Roberto got insights on some of the recreational and shopping needs that people require these days. Besides the Roberto Santiago Maniara Shopping Mall, he is also the brains behind the Mangiera Mall.


The Roberto Santiago Maniara Shopping Mall


The shopping complex lies on a large piece of land situated in Paraiba State, Brazil. It can be compared to a small town since it comprises of lodging, recreational and retail facilities. All your needs as a shopper are catered for once you visit the business complex. The Maniara Mall is made up of 280 premises. The premises feature schools, healthcare facilities, boutiques and concert halls.


One of the most exciting features of the Maniara is the entertainment sector. The industry comprises of state-of-the-art theatres with 3D capabilities. The industry also comprises of the Domus Hall, which is a fully equipped theatre aimed at serving clients with thrilling entertainment and experience. The well-ventilated hall has a carrying capacity of 8,000 people.


Roberto Santiago was also ambitious about building a facility that can address people’s catering needs. His mall comprises of several catering joints where clients can request for their favorite dishes. The catering area can accommodate individuals, couples, and families. Within the mall, kids also get the chance to play with their favorite toys. The shopping complex features several playing stations for kids that are fully equipped.


Roberto Santiago as a Legend


It is safe to say that Roberto Santiago made a name for himself not only in the Brazilian business sector but also in other parts of the world. He is celebrated as a unique entrepreneur whose passion for striving at addressing people’s diverse needs, changed the Brazilian economy for good. Roberto is also one of the most influential entrepreneurs in Brazil. Most budding entrepreneurs look up to him. They consider him as a living legend and an admirable businessperson. The Roberto Santiago Maniara Shopping Mall is a great asset to the dwellers of Maniara in economic and recreational aspects.