George Soros follows insightful and novel strategy for criminal justice reform

Throughout the history of the U.S. criminal justice system, progressives have long sought to ameliorate the disparities that have persisted between minorities and whites in sentencing and being convicted of crimes. Through decades of focused efforts, nothing seems to have worked. Today’s progressives are slowly coming to the realization that the strategies that they have attempted before have been inadequate. This has particularly been true in the face of the gigantic, lucrative and deeply entrenched prison industrial complex, which employs hundreds of thousands of people throughout the country.

But one of the progressive movements most lionized and visible leaders, George Soros, has decided to attempt a new strategy to reform the long-standing disparities that exist within the criminal justice system. Soros has decided to begin personally funding the campaigns of progressive candidates throughout the South, particularly those running for sheriff, judgeships and prosecutorial offices. Read this story about George at

The strategy has proven to be extremely effective thus far. George Soros has donated tens of millions of dollars to prosecutorial races throughout the Southern United States, leading to victories in almost every single instance. But this strategy relies on one crucial fact, which many progressives that have attempted to change the system from the top down have long ignored.

In the United States criminal justice system, the person who often has the most power is the prosecutor or district attorney. This is due to the fact that they have a tool at their disposal that is unique to the U.S. justice system. This tool is the plea bargain.

Plea bargains developed as a means to handle the incredibly heavy case load of urban metropolises throughout the United States. Without the ability to dispense with the vast majority of cases without trial, the court systems throughout the nation’s largest cities would quickly become clogged, leading to criminals walking free and innocent people needing to wait years in order for their cases to be heard. Because this violates the U.S. constitutional right to a quick and speedy trial, the plea bargain was developed to ensure that people were not languishing in jail for years to be seen by a judge for a parking infraction. Read more at The New York Times about George.

But this new tool gave the prosecutors enormous sway over individual lives. By threatening to charge defendants with crimes that can carry up to 20 years in prison, prosecutors can oftentimes compel people to plead to much lesser crimes, even in cases where they may not necessarily be guilty. This is theorized to be one of the leading factors that have led to the disparities in incarceration rates between minorities and whites in the United States.

Through progressive prosecutors, who have the discretion to charge people or not charge people with crimes, Soros believes that it will be possible to radically diminish, from the ground up, the number of minorities that are sent to prison.

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How Soros Return is expected to Boost Hillary Clinton’s Campaign

George Soros has shaped and influenced the election outcomes in the US for the past 20 years. The first time round, he ended up donating close to $30 million dollars in the closely contested US presidential elections of ’04. The staunch Democrat resurfaced again in the recently concluded elections which saw Hillary Clinton, Soros choice, lose to the Republican Party nominee Donald Trump. According to revelations just surfacing, Soros and his campaign machine coughed up no less than $25 million to Super PAC’s in 2016.

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Soros Misses Hillary’s Big Night

Hillary was assured of a win against his main rival contender, Bernie Sanders at the Democratic Convention. Consequently, Mrs. Clinton made sure to extend invitations to all the influential personalities like George Soros who had supported in her corner from the word go. All of the VIP invites turned up to cheer on Hillary Clinton, but Soros was missing in action. The billionaire investor later came out and issued a statement explaining his noticeable absence at the political event. He’s said to have been committed with currency trading deals in Europe.

Soros happens to be Trump’s number one adversary. Trump’s intolerant nature doesn’t auger well with the 85-year-old Hungarian immigrant. Maybe, Trump’s stance conjures up the horrible memories Soros has living under Nazi German occupied territory in his youth. The incumbent president goes against all the social and moral values held dear by the billionaire.

Ripple Effect

Investors are often a loyal lot. They support each other, and they vote as a block. No wonder billionaire donors like Tom Steyer and Don Sussman quickly declared their support for Hillary once George Soros made his stand public. Hillary’s winning chances shot upwards after the realization that Donald Trump was not receiving any financial assistance from the usual Republican billionaire donors. According to the report released by FEC here are the leading beneficiaries of the $25 million from Soros:-

  1. Priorities USA Action
  2. American Bridge 21st Century
  3. Immigrant Voters Win
  4. Voting Rights Trust
  5. End Citizens United

Soros Vs Republicans

Asides the above listed Super PAC associations, the funds also benefited the campaign kitties of individual senators and other Democratic Party aspirants. After the surprise elections outcomes of 2004, Soros faced a lot of heat and criticism from the Republicans. They accused him of attempting to manipulate the election results to further his personal cause and agenda. He vehemently denied those outrageous allegations and later on he completely disappeared from the public spotlight. His resurgence in the last elections prompted a lot of questions from the public. Most of which remain unanswered.

About George Soros

Soros has remained on the Forbes list of the world’s richest people for years. He’s current wealth is estimated to be at $25.2B in 2017. He was born in 1930 in Hungary to middle-class parents. The venture capitalist later attended the prestigious London School of Economics. Soros continues to donate and pledge millions of dollars to various causes and charities. He owns and runs the Open Society Foundation. Read his profile at Forbes.