Securus Technologies Helping Close a Year Old Cold Case

My team of fugitive hunters were hoping we could put a close to a cold case that was handed to us this month. The reason for the urgency was because the suspect was about to be let out of prison on an unrelated charge, despite the other case never having enough evidence to put him away for life. Although the scene had since been cleaned and was no long yielding evidence, we decided to utilize all the resources we had to try.


The only thing we thought would close this case was a confession from the inmate, but he was not talking. We arrived at the jail to let the other inmates know why we were there, and hinted about us putting this case to closed status. By hinting we may have some information that will allow us to close the case, we hoped the word would get to our suspect who was getting close to smelling freedom again.


With the Securus Technologies phone monitoring system in that jail, we knew if the suspect was to say anything, we could take action. The inmate call monitoring system in the jail was capable of detecting chatter and alerting us, regardless how many were making calls or talking at the same time. This system is in thousands of prison systems, and we felt confident it would be able to detect the inmate talking about his case.


As expected, we must have struck a nerve with our suspect, as he was heard on the phone frantically trying to get his brother to take care of some issue. When the brother replied it wasn’t done but he would take care of it, we set up surveillance and followed his moves. He was trying to hide a key piece of evidence we finally were able to collect, test, and admit into evidence.


How Securus Technologies Has Upheld the Festive Season for Inmates in the U.S

The Festive season is an auspicious moment in which families get together and spend quality time. Holidays such as Christmas Day mark a historic moment in loved ones get to appreciate each other’s company and cherish the love and harmony that exists between them. However, not all individuals get to spend quality time with their loved ones due to several reasons. While some are held up by unexpected work commitments, others find themselves incarcerated for committing various felonies.


The Value of Securus’ Video Visitation during Christmas


Securus Technologies has opted to spread the holiday spirit to inmates courtesy of its video visitation program. Powered by tablets and laptops, the site enables inmates to communicate with their families during the festive season. Such a service has enabled prisoners to keep-up-to-date with the holiday celebrations marked by their families.


Nothing can trample the joyous feeling experienced by inmates when seeing their families in a happy state. Not only does it dispel any feelings of despair, but also gives them hope of reuniting no matter the obstacles lying ahead. Inmates have a right to be happy just like any regular citizen. Securus Technologies has gone above and beyond to realize their once elusive dream.


Securus Technologies in Brief


Securus is an inmate communications service provider based in Dallas, Texas. As a prominent firm in the communications industry, the company is proficient in the provision of several essential services. Such amenities focus on phone services, video visitation and money transfer. As a pioneer in the industry, Securus has managed to become a billion dollar company within a few years.


Phone services form the basic mode of operations conducted by the company, with an estimated 70% of revenue generated from such a service. Securus charges a standard rate of $ 0.25 per minute to call inmates. It may sound little to most, but such charges accumulate to billions of dollars annually. Its video services have revolutionized client communication by rendering physical visits redundant. Through the site, customers can communicate with their loved ones in the comfort of their homes or place of work.


By using the video visitation program, customers are exempted from making long torturous journey that are mostly plagued by traffic snarl ups. Despite receiving several complaints from customers, Securus has made positive contributions to the lives of inmates.