How Brian Bonar is Establishing Himself in the Business World

Brian Bonar, the CEO of Dalrada Financial Group, was honored in the Cambridge Who’s Who annual event as he walked away with the Executive of the Year in Finance back in 2010. This prestigious award is given to an individual for their professional achievements, academic accomplishments, and leadership skills.

With over 30 years of his involvement in the financial sector, Bonar has managed to acquire a substantial amount of knowledge, which he has used to run his company, Dalrada Financial Group successfully.

The Dalrada Financial Group is responsible for helping different companies by providing employee programs, hence increasing the efficiency of the business. The Dalrada Financial Group has managed to succeed where many have failed by effectively customizing financial services like insurance and business operations, such as outsourcing so as to fit the needs of a particular client.

According to Crunchbase and Bloomberg, Dalrada Financial Group activities reflect the passion that Brian Bonar has shown throughout his career, by offering services that have helped protect their assets and investments as well as manage their finances.

In 1963, Brian Bonar attended the James Watt Technical College and graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. In 1973, he joined Stafford University and graduated with a Masters in Mechanical Engineering.

Though his intention was to pursue Mechanical Engineering, he focused on business and became a business consultant. He thrives in venture capital, startup companies, and Mergers & Acquisitions.

His career started off at IBM as a procurement manager. His main tasks involved outsourcing motherboards of the P.C’s that the company sold. He joined QMS and worked as Director of Engineering. During his time at QMS, he oversaw a team of 100 hardware and software developers. He left and joined Rastek and became the Vice President of Sales and Marketing. He later joined Adaptec and became the sales manager. In 1994, he founded Bezier Systems and became the CEO.

Bonar later on joined ITEC imaging technologies and acted as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing of the company. In 2008, he joined Allegiant Professional Business Services and served as the President. He also founded and helped to manage AMS Outsourcing. In 2011, Bonar became the Trucept’s Chairman and CEO. Dalrada Financial Services was established in 1999 and remains his primary business.