Larkin and Lacey Try to Support Civil Rights

Civil rights can be anything from the right to vote to the right to drive a car or even buy a home. Human rights are more about the ability to live a life in the pursuit of happiness. It is something that is necessary for anyone who wants to be able to live and who wants the chance at any type of success.

Larkin and Lacey know that providing people with the opportunity to have civil rights and human rights without the fear of them being violated is a great way to ensure that they are going to be able to make a difference in the world and with the people who they enjoy.

Since Jim Larkin and Mike Lacey have been working together, they have been trying to make sure that they are able to help people out. It all started with their web publication. They had a lot of information about civil rights and what people can do when their rights are violated.

The men gathered information around the country about what people did when they had a case and they helped people to have an understanding of how it could help them with their cases of civil rights violations.

The men also used their site to warn people about the problems that were seen in different areas. One thing that they did tell people about was the sheriff in their own hometown of Phoenix. The sheriff’s office was doing things illegally and was discriminating against immigrants.

They knew that this was illegal and that it was written into the constitution so that people would be protected. The men did some research and made it known to the public that the sheriff’s office was doing something illegal. It helped them to do better with the opportunities that they had and allowed them to show people what was really going on.

Since the men did this, the sheriff’s office was upset. They had the men arrested and they tried to charge them. Larkin and Lacey knew what they were doing, though.

They had dealt with similar cases and knew just how to fight it. They took it up several levels through the court system and they were able to fight the case. This gave them the chance to show people that they would not sit down and take the punishment for something that was not a crime.

Larkin and Lacey were granted a settlement. It was over three million dollars. They used the money to create the Frontera Fund. Now, they not only are able to publish information on the things that are going on with civil rights but they can also take action on civil rights.

They are able to use the money that is in the fund to help other people who are going through similar cases. They want to make human rights, civil rights and even immigrant rights better for everyone. This is something that they work hard to be able to do with other people so that they can enjoy their lives.