OrganoGold: Coffee Done Well, Business Done Better


OrganoGold is a company with a business model centered around Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) strategies that specializes in organic coffees, teas, pharmaceuticals, and other organic products focusing on achieving a happier, healthier lifestyle for its employees and its customers. OrganoGold was founded by former Gano Excel executive Bernardo Chua.

Bernardo Chua began his journey in organic beverages and pharmaceuticals while working as an executive for Gano Excel, which at the time was the world’s leading (and perhaps only) beverage company that added Ganoderma Lucidum, found in the Lingzhi Mushroom, in its beverages. In 2008, Chua departed from Gano Excel in order to fulfill his own dream of opening up his own organic beverage company, OrganoGold. His goals, as well as his profound familiarity with Ganoderma, comes from his upbringing in the Philippines, as the Lingzhi mushroom, as well as others from the same genus, are regarded extremely highly in the Philippines, China, and many other Asian countries. Bernardo Chua is one of the most lucrative and innovative individuals to ever attempt and succeed in introducing a western nation to Ganoderma, and he is passionate about his direct sales business model, believing that working directly with customers and incentivizing them to grow their own businesses with his resources is the best way to grow a modern business.

OrganoGold operates in many different countries, and believes strongly in its core values of loyalty and unification among both its customers and its business partners. The company along with Bernardo Chua believes that, through its marketing and entrepreneurial strategies, along with a keen sense of intellectual curiosity and growth, its employees, through owning a branch of the business themselves, can be paid exactly what they are worth as opposed to what an employer believes they are worth.

OrganoGold’s business model is unique among businesses. Rather than paying for corporate media advertisements, OrganoGold feels that its products are of a high enough quality to leave the marketing up to its customers, through word-of-mouth advertisements.