Goettl Air Conditioning Expands Westward as New Phase Begins

Since 1932 when Goettl Air Conditioning was founded by brothers Adam and Gust, the company has been at the forefront of elite air conditioning companies in the Southwest. The company was the first to introduce refrigerated air conditioning and evaporative cooling systems to desert dwellers.

The customer satisfaction and profitability had been among the best in the business until the nineties when things began to go sour in a hurry. The company had been purchased by a large national management company. It turned out that while things looked good at the outset, it became impossible for the larger company to focus on the details that make customer service happen in an excellent way.

In 2013 Goettl was purchased by Ken Goodrich who had made a career out of revitalizing sick and deteriorating companies and bringing them back to a profitable state. The challenge with Goettl included a lawsuit where there had been possible questionable business tactics and terrible customer satisfaction with employee morale that was in the gutter. Check out bbb.org for more info.

Goodrich immediately began communications push with both customers and employees which eventually turned the tide. The focus changed from just counting money to the emphasis on 100 percent customer satisfaction. More community involvement such as the 50,000 cases of water donated to the homeless in Phoenix in the hot summer is an example of the many community events Goettl sponsored. For more details visit LinkedIn.

Located in Phoenix, Tucson and Las Vegas, Goettl has always been focused primarily in the residential heating and air markest. As was well-stated in a recent issue of BizJournals, the Goettle of Southern California based Walton Heating and Air brought a new dimension to the table. Walton Heating and Air has always been a commercial HVAC dealer and was light in the residential area. So a marriage was made in heaven when Goodrich made the acquisition.

Todd Longbrake, the owner of Walton’s had stated that he had expanded Walton’s to the maximum limit that he was capable of and that the company had reached a plateau. Since the acquisition, the Southern California branch has had a tenfold growth. You can also check reviewbuzz to see more.

Customers are happy again and the total revenue annually has reached in excess of $50 million. Goodrich put into place a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee for all service, parts, and equipment. If the customer is not happy, you do not have a business, according to Goodrich. He also implemented a hiring and training program that has added techs and office personnel the right way so that there is an adequate backup for customers.

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OSI Group: Providing Quality Food For Over A Century

OSI Group is an international supplier of food products to the world’s leaders in food service and retail food. OSI is one of the biggest privately help companies in the entire country, providing unrivaled resources and services to their clients all over the world.

OSI was originally founded in 1909 by Otto Kolschowsky as a family-run meat market that serviced the Chicago area. Otto & Sons slowly grew and grew, becoming the first supplier of meat products to McDonald’s in 1955, continuously expanding to become OSI in 1975.

OSI Group has extensive capabilities, delivering custom food products that fit any client’s operation, helping them to maximize their business. Services include custom food product development and international food supply chain management. OSI has over 65 facilities, in 17 countries, run by over 20,000 employees.

For decades, the company has achieved great success and has continually grown. In the summer of 2016, OSI Group purchased a new warehouse in Chicago, formerly operated by Tyson Foods. This new processing facility and storage warehouse is 200,000 square feet and is close to their already existing Chicago facility. This new facility would help provide support for OSI Group’s continued growth.

During the same time, OSI acquired the controlling stake in a private Dutch company named Baho Food. This company was involved in manufacturing meat products and other food products for the retail and food service industries. They operated two main plans in the Netherlands and German, owning five subsidiaries companies. These subsidiaries and company as a whole have been in operation for nearly 60 years, serving clients over 18 countries in Europe.

A few months later, OSI Group made another announcement regarding their acquisition of Flagship Food Group’s Flagship Europe. Flagship Europe is a leader in the European food service industry, holding extensive and innovative products in numerous categories. Their products include frozen poultry, pies from Oliver James, sauces, dressings, and condiments. The company had extended its presence in the Food To Go sector of the industry in recent years, after acquiring a respected supplier, Calder Foods.

Acquiring Flagship Europe further extends OSI Group’s presence on the European continent. Their portfolio of products and services compliment OSI perfectly, while allowing them to also broaden their capabilities to serve their ever-evolving customer base.


IAP WORLDWIDE: I say, wow! This company really knows how to do business. Need I say more, or will you need a quote? If the latter, then in that case:
“Everyone at IAP is personally committed to our customers, our partners, and each other. We welcome creativity, prize integrity, and celebrate the contributions of each individual. IAP respects and values each person’s unique experience — from the corporate administrator to the veteran employee in the field….”

What is more interesting? There is much more to chew on here. Focus, agility, capabilities, commitment, and values are also what IAP WORLDWIDE stands for. They do not stand alone in this. No, for thousands of employees, clients, government officials, partners, and customers stand along them in these efforts…..thus I say and I will repeat, IAP WORLDWIDE is not alone. Wow…..that is what they do: they wow.

Among numerous commitments to making this world a better and safer place, IAP WORLDWIDE has stated a strong commitment to veterans, the environment, and the community at large!  Not all companies, even the larger and more successful ones such as this one, ever do the same and make such a bold stand. IAP WORLDWIDE….we do sincerely applaud you and wish you further progress towards your global efforts for service and safety. GO, IAP!

IAP WORLDWIDE is based out of CAPE CANAVERAL in the great state of FLORIDA. As a whole this company has existed since 1953. They only grow bigger and more successful, and they do not have any plans of stopping their growth or slowing down any time soon…..new possibilities, here we come! God’s earth, indeed, is full of numerous opportunities, resources, and unique possibilities….and it seems that IAP WORLDWIDE has certainly learned how to tap into and take full advantage of the great majority of them within its own life time. How awesome and great is that for business?!

Do you wish to know another interesting and curiosity piquing little fact?  In this charter of values is stated certain recited actions and promises, such as promising to: conduct every action with honesty and integrity toward all parties involved, being fully aware and involved, making the most of every single business endeavor, and more.

Nationwide Title Clearing Makes Mortgage Reports Available Online

Property reports are now easier to get. That’s because Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. has revamped it’s website to make it possible to order the property reports online in response to calls about title defects problems. Title defects have been identified as the cause of wrongful foreclosure and problems moving assets within secondary markets. The company’s leadership explained accurate, easily accessible, online property records will ensure there is clear title conveyance and reduce the buyback risk and make it possible to foreclose on properties.

There are several factors that render a title invalid. They include someone trying to claim a property owned by someone else, bad title wording, missing a required signature, liens and other encumbrances and not following document filing or recording procedures. NTC CEO John Hillman explained that taking care of title defects prior to selling or transferring the property is key. The company is offering a variety of reports online to facilitate the process. They include:

a. Current Owner Report
b. Assignment Verification Report Services
c. Tax Status Report
d. Tax Status (Plus) Report

This enables them to successfully serve the U.S.’s largest lenders while meeting crucial, heavily audited compliance regulations. The company’s success is due to their understanding of the needs of the client and their ability to customize the reports’ data sets.

Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. is a company that provides research and document-processing services for residential mortgages. Founded in 1991, the Palm Harbor, Florida based company is privately owned and is an industry leader in providing the top mortgage lenders, investors and servicers with title report services. NTC has a reputation for very accurate reports, quality document processing, protecting homeowners, providing assistance to the mortgage banking industry as well as preserving the country’s land records.

NTC’s document and land records experts work in all 3,600 jurisdictions nationwide to track the documents while fulfilling all county document requirements. The company specializes in providing property reports, land records research, final document tracking, lien release services, document retrieval, assignment services as well as other custom business solutions.  NTC is one of Tampa Bay and the nation’s fastest growing companies. For two consecutive years NTC won Inc.’s Hire Power award because of their role in creating jobs for American workers.

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