Bridget Scarr: The Brain behind Colibri Studios

Bridget Scarr is an inventive, talented producer, executive creator, and an author. She has worked in the media fraternity for more than 15 years, making her acquire a big number of viewers where she reasons with them in more than one way. She’s also taken the role of supervising the innovative progress in various inventions which takes around five to 220 persons. These include plays, kid’s cartoons, show business, the way of life, and realistic performance software design. Bridget takes part in tactic and organization at Colibri Studios where she leads by working together with worldwide newscasters, schemes associates, and innovative ability to convey plans become a reality.


In an interview, she says she desired a special place for her ideas where she could make them a reality no matter their subjects. She adds by altering her profession Colibri Studios came to life. Under no circumstance does Bridget use her handset in the course of the tour when starting her daytime. Instead, Scarr takes medicine to enable her to stay motivated and concentrated during daytime to perform tasks at hand especially between nine and 12. As from two pm, she is not tied up, so she gets to partake lunch with her husband and son at their house. She would then ease up, read electronic mails, watch a show, or research other places for motivation.


Bridget Scarr adds that she is at the time doing an assignment that is greater than any previously done which links operators with the past scenarios. More so, it helps comprehend what persons experienced during that period of different upbringings and beliefs by making it significant. A venture like this one consumes a lot of energy and time which could last even years to complete so finding a good associate with relevant subjects is key. Bridget Scarr continues by saying that the computer era has taken over the industry in a good way, like in learning institutions and the health sector. The new generation could make a complete first-hand form of presentation which can be a flawless device for the depository, collecting, and displaying objects having scientific, historical, or artistic value.


Bridget reveals that nature assists her link with the planet in a deeper level, making her get good concepts. Also, making time for some activities with her son reminds her what’s vital. Fear leads to failure so having faith in oneself is key to success and also be thankful for all you have. The practical application of science ought to help people lead better lives.


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