A Review of Cotemar’s Global-scale Services

Cotemar is a prolific Mexican conglomerate, which has extensive interests in petroleum, maritime services, offshore construction and maintenance, and specialized ships. For over 37 years, it has been providing high quality services.

Services Offered

Cotemar serves the construction, marine, and construction industries. In construction and engineering, it focuses on modernization through the innovation of processing centers and platforms for its clients. It offers offshore installations and the commissioning of marine gear and service lines. The company similarly offers marine support services through the use of specialized vessels. It provides personnel carriers, barges, towing vessels, and fire boats. All vessels in Cotemar’s portfolio are inspected and serviced regularly to ensure that they attain the prescribed safety standards. This guarantees the safety of operating personnel and the firm’s equipment.

Cotemar’s Vision, Mission, and Values

Cotemar prides itself in being a provider of high-quality services. This is based on effective processes that are implemented by committed staff, and prove technology. It is also a sustainable company that participates in new business sectors within the oil industry. Innovation and communication are upheld within the firm’s setup. This is what has allowed the company to constantly participate in production processes that meet the demands of the industry.

Cotemar acts in a consistent, ethical, and honest manner in the delivery of its services. This represents a clear image of its inherent values. It sees clients’ mandates as its obligation. In line with this, it deals with each individual case differently in order to achieve optimal business results. Simplicity is upheld within its setup. This has given the company a unique ability to improve every day. Cotemar challenges itself continuously in a bid to improve its way of thinking. This enables it to come up with more refined alternatives, which provide greater value to its clients.

Cotemar’s Philosophy

Cotemar recognizes that its operations contribute greatly to the increase of hydrocarbon levels. In line with this, it ensures that the operations are based on well-organized processes that are implemented with a strong commitment to nature and local communities. The company has thrived by complying with international regulatory and legal standards. A strong code of conduct is adhered to within the organization. This helps everyone working at Cotemar to abide by provisions that are established to prevent pollution. Ethical business practices are equally encouraged.

Reference: http://cotemar.com.mx/compania/cotemar-quienes-somos/

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