Change Your Financial Outlook Today With Distance Learning

Do you need to spruce up your financial portfolio? There is a distance learning course that will allow you to transform your finances and prepare for your retirement, invest in the stock market, or save more money. Jim Hunt hails as a successful financial analyst and investor and has created a spin-off to his Wealth Wave course. VTA Publications is a a remarkable online course that comes with over 6,900+ financial strategies to choose from. You can also get tuition assistance and 24/7 support with his distance learning course as a learn while you earn aide as mentioned on LinkedIn.

VTA is available online with immediate enrollment opportunities. If you’re interested in discovering new ways to manipulate the stock market, buy a a new home, or start your own business, VTA can help. Jim Hunt VTA Publications course has pioneered the success of several Fortune 500 companies around the world. You will learn how to be confident about taking a serious approach to your finances. Hunt tells Ideamensch that a lot of individuals fail to make sound financial decisions that lead to their debt. He coaches his clients to decide how they see themselves financially. Hunt says, once you decide where you want to be financially you have to make a valiant effort to secure wealth on

Ironically, VTA teaches you how to do more than earn money because it gives you the confidence to build wealth. Jim Hunt VTA Publications also set out to show his clients that is possible for them to become a millionaire.  Today, his mum is a successful millionaire and Hunt introduces this technique to his clients through his YouTube channel.

Jim Hunt VTA Publications is a great wealth building method for serious professionals. Jim Hunt says, he enjoys giving away the secrets that the big banks and financial corporations refuse to tell the little guy. Become a part of VTA and take financial responsibility today.

Sam Tabar Weighs in on The Issue of Parental Support to Their Children

All parents wish the best for their children. This does not change when the kids grow into adults. More often than less, parents have the urge to financially support their adult children. This may include paying their rent, or helping them settle any other expenses.

Many parents end up asking themselves when they need to stop supporting their children financially. A recent survey unearthed startling revelations, which forced legal and financial expert Sam Tabar to weigh in on the issue.

47 percent of individuals aged between 25 and 35 years disclosed that at some point, their parents helped them settle part of their bills even after they had moved out. 21 percent of the expenses were telephone bills. Groceries accounted for 20 percent of parental support, while clothing amounted to 16 percent of the total support received.

The Federal Reserve estimates that more than half of American citizens have under 400 dollars in savings. On the other hand, those who took part in the survey have an average of 9,100 dollars in savings, which is way higher than the national average.

According to Art Station, Sam Tabar points out that there is need to consider the impact of these figures on parents who are still offering financial support to their adult children. It is equally important to ask whether it is acceptable for parents to sacrifice their own financial security so that they can help their grown children to prosper.

Basing on this, he advises parents to evaluate their financial position before unnecessarily supporting their adult children. It is important to be well prepared for retirement before making such a decision.

Sam Tabar in Brief

The New York based financial and legal expert is a senior executive at FullCycle Fund. After graduating from law school, he joined Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher and Flom LLP, where he made a name for himself by being a proficient commercial attorney.

Mr. Tabar has also worked at Sparx Group where he was the head of business development and managing director. In addition, he has worked at Bank of America Merrill Lynch where he was in charge of operations in Pacific Asia.

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EOS Lip balm brings evolution to the lip balm market

Evolution of Smooth (EOS), a firm that specializes in the production and distribution of beauty products, has in the recent years taken over the lip balm market. About seven years ago, the firm designed lip balms in the model of pastel-colored orbs called EOS Lip balm. This new model has since replaced the traditional lip balm models of Chapstick’s cylindrical tubes.

In its first few years in the market, the new product had taken over the beauty shelves at Walgreens and Walmart. The breakthrough for EOS lip balm, however, came when celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Christina Aguilera embraced it.

Second best-selling lip balm

In an interview with Fast Company, EOS founders revealed that their company has grown into a $250 million business. The Lip Balm Company was ranked as the second best-selling lip balm in the country by Kline, a consulting and research firm. Currently, EOS makes sales of up to one million units a week with the figure likely to shoot in years to come.

Sanjiv Mehra, Craig Dubitsky, and Jonathan Teller are the founders of EOS. The three partners combined their experience and expertise to design unique, Natural, organic and pocket-friendly beauty products. From their consumer interactions, they realized that most women were tired of the traditional lip balm tubes and were excited by the idea of lip balm pots. After thorough research and experimentation, they were finally able to come up with the EOS lip balm,


Marketing a new product is a headache to many, but EOS co-founders had a good strategy. They contracted beauty bloggers who talked about the new product in social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. They also sought for endorsements from celebrities like Britney Spears and Miley Cyrus who featured EOS lip balms in their music videos.