Nationwide Title Clearing Makes Mortgage Reports Available Online

Property reports are now easier to get. That’s because Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. has revamped it’s website to make it possible to order the property reports online in response to calls about title defects problems. Title defects have been identified as the cause of wrongful foreclosure and problems moving assets within secondary markets. The company’s leadership explained accurate, easily accessible, online property records will ensure there is clear title conveyance and reduce the buyback risk and make it possible to foreclose on properties.

There are several factors that render a title invalid. They include someone trying to claim a property owned by someone else, bad title wording, missing a required signature, liens and other encumbrances and not following document filing or recording procedures. NTC CEO John Hillman explained that taking care of title defects prior to selling or transferring the property is key. The company is offering a variety of reports online to facilitate the process. They include:

a. Current Owner Report
b. Assignment Verification Report Services
c. Tax Status Report
d. Tax Status (Plus) Report

This enables them to successfully serve the U.S.’s largest lenders while meeting crucial, heavily audited compliance regulations. The company’s success is due to their understanding of the needs of the client and their ability to customize the reports’ data sets.

Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. is a company that provides research and document-processing services for residential mortgages. Founded in 1991, the Palm Harbor, Florida based company is privately owned and is an industry leader in providing the top mortgage lenders, investors and servicers with title report services. NTC has a reputation for very accurate reports, quality document processing, protecting homeowners, providing assistance to the mortgage banking industry as well as preserving the country’s land records.

NTC’s document and land records experts work in all 3,600 jurisdictions nationwide to track the documents while fulfilling all county document requirements. The company specializes in providing property reports, land records research, final document tracking, lien release services, document retrieval, assignment services as well as other custom business solutions.  NTC is one of Tampa Bay and the nation’s fastest growing companies. For two consecutive years NTC won Inc.’s Hire Power award because of their role in creating jobs for American workers.

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Cone Marshall: Enforcer Of Best Practices in International Tax

Crunchbase has it that Cone Marshall is a reputable New Zealand law firm that works with families with global interests and their legal teams. Cone Marshall helps them to establish in New Zealand and offers them legal advice on how to set up companies. The company literally provides reliable advice to clients on the right steps to take when it comes to starting a firm legally. The firm was founded by Karen Marshall and Geoffrey Cone in 2005.

They both attended the University of Otago and graduated with LLBs. Mr. Cone has worked as a partner in some leading firms. He specialized in advising clients in trust and tax matters. Mr. Marshall has worked as a commercial litigator, but he specializes in Trusts.

The law firm does not work with private clients. It aids foreign organizations, entities, and the lawyers representing the entities with issues related to the mode of work that they are doing in New Zealand.

One of the areas that Cone Marshall deals with is tax planning. The article from Hackronym clarifies the type of work that the law firm does for its clients. New Zealand is a tax transparent country.

They share all the records on tax transactions and filings done in the country. This means that all the information on matters related to tax is in the open for all to see. Cone Marshall is involved in clean tax dealings.

He helps to enforce the domestic tax laws. The article explains that Cone Marshall has worked to ensure New Zealand does not become a tax haven and the transparent nature does not change. This brought about the recognition of the firm as the top company in international tax planning in the country.

The NZ Herald also covered a post about Cone Marshall. In this post, Geoffrey Cone explains the stance that the law firm takes in the thorny issue of tax havens.

Geoffrey goes on to explain the various laws that New Zealand has in place to ensure it is not converted to a tax destination for people seeking to store their cash in offshore accounts. Geoffrey Cone and Karen Marshall have always worked to make sure that any entity observes the rules that the law firm has taken up as clients.

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Michael Zomber: Bringing History to Life

Since the beginning of his adulthood, Michael Zomber has been in the pursuit of vintage swords, rifles and other weapons. Among the precious items in his personal collection are samurai swords. Mr. Zomber admits that he is captivated by the creativity that was used to make traditional Japanese weapons. He has travelled around the world in search of antique items. His primary goal is to preserve and protect history by collecting, storing and selling antique arms.

Mr. Zomber attended the University of Illinois where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in English and psychology and mastered in English literature at the University of California, Los Angeles. The knowledge in literature has enabled him become an esteemed historical author who has published a variety of books. The author has written a trilogy of books focused in Kentucky after the Civil War. Those with a deep interest in Japan will find Zomber’s books like Jesus and the Samurai and Shogun Iemitsu irresistible. Mr. Zomber has also written the book ‘Park Avenue’ which provides a detailed account of the world’s high level art auctions.

In addition to being an author, Michael Zomber ventures into documentaries. His wife encouraged him to start writing screenplays which later formed the basis of some of his novels.  The studio produces fun and informative documentaries whose plot make the past more relevant than ever. The acclaimed Soul of the Samurai is among the many projects that have been produced through the studio. Renascent Films is also the maker of Bushido, which is a code of honor among the Samurai warriors.

As a concerned and devoted historian, Mr. Zomber is conscious of the devastation and tragedy caused by gun violence. For this reason he has joined forces with non-profit organizations who strive to maintain world peace and unity. Mr. Zomber is a member of Doctors Without Borders, Global Exchange, Amnesty International and UNICEF.

Michael Zomber and his wife have two kids, Christopher and Gabriella and they reside in the outskirts of Philadelphia.

Doe Deere is on Her Way to the Top

Doe Deere is the founder and CEO of Lime Crime Cosmetics. This Russian native and New York raised girly girl is empowering the world with her message that makeup is more than makeup. It is an avenue to let your personality shine through, express who you are, and be confident. Empowering people to be true to who they are is the message Deere intends to send to her customers.


Doe’s inspiration to bring a wide range of colors that people can have fun comes from her goal to develop a cosmetic line that allows people to have fun. Her cosmetics have bright colors to create bold looks. It’s not about functional makeup or creating that perfect look with Lime Crime. It is about having fun.


Doe is not simply founder and CEO, she believes in her products so much that she uses them and tests them herself before sending new products to production. If she doesn’t believe in a product, then she doesn’t bother selling it.


The innovation doesn’t end with the makeup products itself, but it extends into how the products are sold. All of Doe’s products are sold entirely online. From the eyeshadow to the lipstick and everything in between, all products are sold online. Even though Deere was cautioned that selling cosmetics online would be difficult to nearly impossible, Deere was adamant that this would work, and it did! It was all about the presentation. If customers could visualize the products on themselves, then they would be more apt to buy it. What better way to portray the products than on an actual person? Deere’s determination and vision paid off because it changed the way makeup is sold.


Deere is an entrepreneur and an empowering woman. She is a woman who set out to make her dreams a reality. Her vision to change the world of makeup is now taking over the cosmetic world.

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Marketing Strategies with Kenneth Goodgame

Kenneth Goodgame is a marketing expert. His knowledge and success in numerous businesses gave him the name merchandising concepts expert. He has assisted different organizations to recognize their objectives through assistance. He offers consultation to corporate people.

He has been prosperous in many tasks carried out. He has worked as a manager in various types of companies where he showed his exceptional professional knowledge. His capacity of resolving problems is the key to his success. Part of the success is s shown in True Value Hardware association a company where he was the Chief Marketing Officer in 2013.

He assisted the association to accomplish its goals through the recognition of large revenues. He has better advertising experience which facilitated the organization to create huge sales. He is very inspired, inventive, skillful and has the knowledge of the corporate and the clients.

Kenneth is told about the behind and the front phase practices of the initiative. This is vital because it assists him to uphold company-client and employer-employee relations.

Kenneth Goodgame True Value Hardware displayed sensational incomes and they are considering achieving more. Through his skills he is able to get clients to pay for products sold at the stocks. He knows how to run advertising also make the product available in order to lure market attention.

He was the president of various companies such as Techtronic Industries and Newell Rubbermai, most of the accomplishment he made in the company is through the establishment of the company growth.

According to Crunchbase, Kenneth Goodgame significance in retail stores is the end cap, they are essentially vital in creating sales.  It assists the people to easily discover the products advertised as well as assist in raising of the sales of the company.