Billy McFarland is Clear on What His Stylish Black Magnises Card Represents to the Millennial User

Many entrepreneurs begin their lives without a great deal of clarity about the model of their business enterprise: However, such is not the case, as it applies to Billy McFarland–founder of the prestigious Black Magnises card.

McFarland, an enduring visionary and obvious realist, is very clear about what it is he has created and where it is he is going with his product and service. The preceding characteristics are quite unusual, yet appealing, with regard to an individual who has launched the black Magnises card, at the ripe old age, of twenty-three years old.

So how did he manage it? Billy McFarland realized there was a need to assure his Millennial peer group became properly networked inside of the business community. He devised the Magnises black card style based on the preceding requirement.

The primary features of the card include: special discounting, relative to New York’s best eateries, nightclubs, pubs and other social events. The card allows ease of access, too, in order that the member is able to gain entry into the best club locations, without the need to wait in frustratingly long-lines.

One person, who made use of the card, commented that he received no wait issues, whatsoever, in gaining entry into the city’s best clubs. He thought that feature alone was worth the $250 annual investment.

The card, according to McFarland, can be associated with the user’s bank card or credit card. The association makes it possible, not only for the user to gain access into his or her favorite club, for instance; but, allows him or her to easily pay for purchases.

According to The Guardian, Billy McFarland, further states, outside of the New York area, the card is scheduled to be launched inside of other significant markets–ten to be exact–beginning with the District of Columbia. The person, in the know, wishing to attain networking success, carries the Black Magnises card.

CEO Norman Pattiz Announces New Show on PodcastOne

Most people find the unknown to be an irresistible topic of conversation. Norman Pattiz, CEO of PodcastOne, the largest ad-supported podcast network in the United States, recently announced a new podcast program that will delve into the unknown world of paranormal phenomena. The podcast, Beyond the Darkness, will be hosted by author David Schrader and radio host Tim Dennis. The show is part of a podcast sub-network on PodcastOne led by WWE wrestling star Chris Jericho. Podcasts will be available for download every Monday.


In addition launching PodcastOne, Pattiz founded Westwood One in 1974, which at one time was the largest radio network in the United States. He was the CEO of Westwood One until 1994. The company has been affiliated with NBC and CBS, CNN Radio, as well as the NFL and NCAA Basketball. It has also broadcast major sporting events such as the Superbowl and both Summer and Winter Olympics.


Pattiz sits on the boards of many broadcasting and education-related organizations. From 2000 to 2006, Pattiz served on the Broadcasting Board of Governors, the body that governs government-operated civilian broadcasts, such as Voice of America and Radio Free Europe. Pattiz also took the lead in developing Arabic and Farsi language radio and TV programming, which today is broadcast across the Middle East and reaches more than 40 million listeners per week. Radio Sawa provides round-the-clock music and news, and Alhurra Television provides satellite TV across the region. He sits on the board of Board of the RAND Center for Middle East Public Policy.


Pattiz also sits on the Board of Regents of the University of California system and chairs the boards of Lawrence Livermore and Los Alamos national laboratories. Moreover, he is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and the Pacific Council on International Relations. As a broadcaster, he has been recognized by the Library of American Broadcasting as a “Giant of Broadcasting,” and is a member of the Radio Hall of Fame. He has also been awarded the Freedom of Speech award, and, on several occasions, the National Broadcaster of the Year award.

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A Review Of Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund And Other Organizations That Support Migrant Rights

Civil society actors, including human rights defenders, have an important role to play in promoting and upholding migrant rights and offering services to vulnerable groups. They also collaborate with governments to tackle the refugee policy crisis. To this end, they should be fully supported and not restricted in their duty.

Because of the increased flow of migrants, including asylum seekers and refugees, there has been the need for governments to protect the rights of these individuals. In addition, the government has an obligation of working with all stakeholders to achieve this objective.

The International Service for Human Rights welcomes the High Commissioner’s draft presented at the 34th session of the human rights council. The draft is known as The Principles and Practical Guidance on Research on Respecting the Human Rights of Migrants in Vulnerable Situations. Read more:

In particular, Principle 18 calls on states to uphold all human rights defenders and institutions that offer help to migrants. Principle 18 notes that the rightful work of human rights defenders should not be illegalized by national laws. However, it should be supported and protected. In situations where defenders face intimidation, violence, and discrimination, government and non-government sectors should be held responsible.

The principle requires States to openly promote the work of the entities that support migrants. They should also stress the need to protect migrant defenders, reveal information about the rights of migrants, and those that work on the rights of migrant women.

This is a vital step toward recognizing the restraints that these groups face. Additionally, the statute backs ISHR’s decision to embrace a special focus on defenders of migrant and refugee rights as part of its Strategic Framework of 2017-2020.

A number of non-governmental organizations seek to uphold the civil rights of individuals. Today, there are many groups that can educate people about their rights, considering that there are many victims of discriminatory hiring practices, racial profiling, and many other type of social injustice. They can also help them to pursue legal recourse. Some of these organizations include American Civil Liberties Union, Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund, Civil Rights Project, and Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund.

About Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund

Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund is a noble initiative that was established by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. They are also the co-founders of the Phoenix New Times and the renowned Village Voice Media. The two have committed the $3.75 million settlement money from their arrest by Sheriff Joe Arpaio to support migrant rights organizations in Arizona.

Joe Arpaio arrested Lacey and Larkin in 2007. They were taken from their residences at midnight and jailed following their revelations regarding grand jury proceedings. The proceedings sought notes and articles from reporters about the Maricopa County Sheriff.

More distressing, the grand jury subpoenas ordered for the identity of citizens who read New Times stories that implicated the lawman. The two journalists, who had spent time defending their First Amendment rights, sued the county.

Eventually, they triumphed in the US Court of Appeals for the ninth circuit. The Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund will support organizations that promote human, civil, and migrant rights. It will also fund groups that advocate for civic participation and freedom of speech throughout Arizona.

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Rick Smith Take Technology To New Levels At Securus

Rick Smith, CEO of Securus, has been a longstanding member of the telecoms community. While being a capable leader, Mr. Smith is also known for his interest in technology and its advance and use in business practices. Under his guidance, Securus is now one of the top telecommunications companies in the world and they provide support to inmates as well as other agencies. They focus on making sure the quality of sound on the calls is high, as well as supporting their customers.

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Mr. Smith implemented the use of video calling into Securus’ services. Since many of the inmate’s family members are unable to make a trip for a visit, it made since to consider video calling. They are installing video chat cameras in prisons all over the country. Mr. Smith is known for his experience in the field and it is for that reason that many prisons and agencies choose to work with Securus. Mr. Smith dreams that one day, Securus will be able to service every single prison in the United States of America. This is a big feat, but knowing Mr. Smith, he will be able to get it done. The introduction of video chat to prison is a huge advance in innovation and it is making waves within the telecommunications industry. This would not have been possible without Mr. Smith’s eye for innovation and creative business ideas. Rick Smith continues to serve Securus and keep his eye out for new advances in technology.

Rick Smith Securus is a huge believer in technology and he is known for being a large investor in technological innovation. Securus is based in Dallas, Texas and was created in 2004. Mr. Smith became the CEO in 2008 and in 2009 he was put on the Board. Thanks to him, Securus has been able to add hundreds of new products and services to its resume. Their sales team was carefully selected and includes the top software based professionals in the telecommunications field. Mr. Smith based his experience in telecommunications on an impressive educational foundation. He attended the State University of New York at Buffalo and earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering there. He then went on to attend the University of Rochester’s Simon School and earned his MBA. Afterward, Mr. Smith was acceptated in to the State University of New York at Brockport. He got his Masters in Mathematics from there. He has an impressive resume in his field, which includes positions at the Global Crossing North America. He worked there for 26 years before leaving to work with Midwest Telephone Operations as their Vice President. He also worked as the director of Business Development for the Network Plant. He previously worked there as Director. Read more on Wikipedia.Org

Larkin and Lacey Try to Support Civil Rights

Civil rights can be anything from the right to vote to the right to drive a car or even buy a home. Human rights are more about the ability to live a life in the pursuit of happiness. It is something that is necessary for anyone who wants to be able to live and who wants the chance at any type of success.

Larkin and Lacey know that providing people with the opportunity to have civil rights and human rights without the fear of them being violated is a great way to ensure that they are going to be able to make a difference in the world and with the people who they enjoy.

Since Jim Larkin and Mike Lacey have been working together, they have been trying to make sure that they are able to help people out. It all started with their web publication. They had a lot of information about civil rights and what people can do when their rights are violated.

The men gathered information around the country about what people did when they had a case and they helped people to have an understanding of how it could help them with their cases of civil rights violations.

The men also used their site to warn people about the problems that were seen in different areas. One thing that they did tell people about was the sheriff in their own hometown of Phoenix. The sheriff’s office was doing things illegally and was discriminating against immigrants.

They knew that this was illegal and that it was written into the constitution so that people would be protected. The men did some research and made it known to the public that the sheriff’s office was doing something illegal. It helped them to do better with the opportunities that they had and allowed them to show people what was really going on.

Since the men did this, the sheriff’s office was upset. They had the men arrested and they tried to charge them. Larkin and Lacey knew what they were doing, though.

They had dealt with similar cases and knew just how to fight it. They took it up several levels through the court system and they were able to fight the case. This gave them the chance to show people that they would not sit down and take the punishment for something that was not a crime.

Larkin and Lacey were granted a settlement. It was over three million dollars. They used the money to create the Frontera Fund. Now, they not only are able to publish information on the things that are going on with civil rights but they can also take action on civil rights.

They are able to use the money that is in the fund to help other people who are going through similar cases. They want to make human rights, civil rights and even immigrant rights better for everyone. This is something that they work hard to be able to do with other people so that they can enjoy their lives.

Cotemar Mexico: Excellent Service for Oil and Gas

Cotemar Mexico is a Mexican based oil and gas company that is quite known for providing various services for different kinds of business owners and clients. Their primary focus is to provide services and one of a kind product to the Gas & Oil sector of Mexico. The company has made a name for themselves over the years because they have been known to be the best provider for oil and gas in Mexico. Some of their services include Construction and Maintenance, offshore oil field development, and other construction services that include maritime operation support, accommodations, and catering, as well as specialized transporting of personnel and supplies through the use of their ships and specialized vessels.



They have been in the business for more than 38 years until this day, and have dedicated their services to PEMEX which is an acronym for Petroleos Mexicanos. They are the type of company that will only provide customers and business owners with the top of the line services, which they are validated and certified for. Most of their clients always give positive feedback, because they assure their customers, aside from that they offer services which provide better needs for the oil industry in Mexico.



Cotemar Mexico has also broadened their services through the years, and have consistently made a conscious effort to improve and enhance their services through the value chain of the gas and oil industry. They also have the high-performance equipment, useful oil and gas indicators, process integrating equipment, as well as personnel that you can count on to give you excellent service and a great business model.



Throughout their operations, they only believe in 3 core strategic lines that determine the highly integrated and specialized services that they have according to the performance of the market segment, which includes Maintenance, Engineering, Construction, and Modernization. They also have their personal Catering services and Specialized modernized Support vessels, which are responsible for transporting their services and accommodations to different clients and business partners.



To delve more into their services, they provide active support for semi-submersible positioning of rigs, which is fine-tuned carefully to fit mobility for movement from one miscellaneous item to another. All of their rigs have high load capacity so that they can carry materials like bricks, metal, and other construction materials to the prefabricated structures and storages areas of building decks.



Some of their objectives include:



Installing materials within the allotted budget, making sure of the quality of equipment, services, and environment to ensure that no accidents take place, to contribute to all of their business partners by providing some of their best practices and increasing the value of work and reducing costs. Aside from everything mentioned, they also take note of the process of products by the price of the unit, delivering all items promptly, compliance with all of the environmental regulations with regards to the high social commitment.



All in all, Cotemar Mexico is one of the best oil shipping and gas instalment services which you can count on to provide services for your company. They are highly reliable, and have managed to gain good reviews for their company through their years of operations.




Hussain Sajwani – The genius behind DAMAC Properties

Hussain Sajwani is a University of Washington alumnus who established the international property development company DAMAC Properties. He started out as a contract manager at a subordinate of Abu Dhabi National oil Company known as GASCO. Shortly after, he pioneered his own business establishment and later in 1982 he ventured into catering.

The DAMAC owner began his real estate endeavors in the mid 90’s, being one of the first to deal with property expansion in Dubai. He constructed various hotels to create accommodation for the inundation of people coming to the emirates to either vacation in or for business purposes.

By 2002, Hussain Sajwani had familiarized himself with the property development market and in turn established DAMAC properties- an establishment that has since snowballed to be one of the top property development company throughout the Middle East.

DAMAC properties is involved in the development of residential, commercial and leisure spaces. Damac properties are commonly associated with flamboyant properties and their irresistible marketing styles. Hussain Sajwani has managed to incorporate his catering venture with DAMAC properties.

The catering business is still a part of DAMAC operations as it is a reminder of Hussain Sajwani’s initial expertise. He’s not letting those skills go to waste as DAMAC gears up to utilize the UAE property prices recovery to their benefit.

DAMAC properties collaborated with Donald Trump beginning of 2013 to co- develop two golf courses. The Trump International Golf Course Dubai opened earlier this year at one of DAMAC’s stunning master developments- Damac’s Akoya residential development.

The second golf course- the Trump World Golf Course which is apparently designed by Tiger Woods, is rumored to open at a different DAMAC development at the end of next year. This has created a great opportunity for the Hussain Sajwani family to partner with the best. Learn more about DAMAC owner:

DAMAC Properties has consistently funded the campaigns of the President of the UAE and UAE Red Crescent endeavors, including most recent donations of AED two million to provide clothing for the less privileged kids another AED one million for the UAE Water Aid programme and an additional AED one million for the construction of a high-tech care facility in the Dubai Autism Centre.

Nick Vertucci, On A Mission To Train The Next Successful Generation Of Real Estate Investors

Before Nick Vertucci founded his real estate academy, he had experienced his fair share of successes and failures. First, when the dot-com industry was booming, Nick Vertucci had his first tech business selling computer parts. After the dot-com bust, he found himself in financial dire straits that he had not prepared for. He did not give up however in finding a way to become financially successful. He found his calling in the real estate industry after attending a real estate seminar at the urging of a friend one weekend.

With determination to succeed and a thirst for knowledge, he learned the ins and outs of the real estate industry over a period of 10 years. All this knowledge gained him a successful career as a real estate investor and ultimately made him a millionaire. Now he is giving back to the world and community by teaching what he has learned so others can gain their financial independence in this industry. Nick Vertucci founded the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy (NVREA) in January 2014. Since that time more than 150,000 students from all walks of life have attended the live real estate seminars, workshops and academy sessions all over the country.

Nick Vertucci has condensed his years of experience in the real estate industry into an easy to learn system that gives you the basic and fundamental knowledge that you need to enter the real estate investing world with confidence. The education that you receive through his academy training is by far superior to any others on the market today. He instills in you years of experience in the industry in a short period of time, thus reducing the learning curve where you can begin investing right away after you complete the training sessions at

The Academy teaches you how to flip properties and get the best deals to make the most money. These methods that are learned have been tried and tested in the field and have been gained from years of experience flipping properties on, investing in the wholesale real estate market, and buying properties with no money down, which takes away the barriers to entry in this industry for many people.

Nick Vertucci is on the cutting edge of creating the next successful generation of real estate investors, and he is doing it through his academy by giving his students the advantage of all the years of his experience in an easy to use system.

Lori Senecal On The Move: CP+B Says Goodbye

Sometimes you take your win and you go home, and Lori Senecal has decided that her time with CP+B will be heading on to new adventures come the end of 2017. She started her position as CEO of MDC Partners agency CP+B in March of 2015. Her time with CP+B is marked by her success with American Airlines, and her influence has been remarkable over the company as a whole. More details can be found on Crunchbase.

Lori Senecal has been the perfect person to help CP+B becomes something new -” said Chuck Porter, CP+B co-founder, and chairman. Helping to change a company’s image and transform it into something new, reinventing it into “a global agency with the flexibility and nimbleness of an entrepreneurial start-up.” is a challenge that not everyone is up to.

Lori seems to have done the work she came to do, according to Porter. “Now that the structure is in place, Lori and I are developing the next-generation leadership team.” An important step for a company that was recently reinvented, and requires “careful and thoughtful decisions about the leadership… we’ll be prepared for a smooth transition when Lori retires at the end of the year.” This next step in the leadership of the company is already taking shape with Danielle Aldrich taking the position as President.

Lori has an auspicious history behind her, beginning with her graduation with a Bachelor of Commerce from McGill University. She’s started her service with McCann in 2003, until eventually becoming president of that company in 2007, where she served for 2 years. When she joined Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal & Partners in 2009, she began a distinguished history as CEO of companies that made important changes in their industries and benefited from her successful guidance. Her becoming CEO of Crispin Porter + Bogusky and subsequent departure is just another step in the path she’s established, and we’re excited to see what she does next. Check out their website

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Omar Yunes; Successful Real Estate Investor and Entrepreneur

Omar Yunes operates numerous franchise units in several cities in Mexico including Veracruz, Mexico City, and Puebla. The competitors were judged according to their performance in the market, the improvements that they made, and their contributions to the growth of the brand. Yunes was able to win because of the systems that he had set in place to measure the performance of each unit that he owned. He also set clear channels of communication within the franchise to allow better collaboration. He dedicated the award to the hundreds of employees that worked at the units and Sushi Itto for the freedom that they gave them to innovate.

The win was celebrated by the employees of the franchise and the CEO of Sushi Itto. Benjamin Calcemo said that the awards showed their commitment to providing quality service and hospitality to customers. The second place position went to a franchisee of Prendamex, Ivan Tamer. He was given the award because he had launched a new marketing system that was able to cover all the pawnshops that he owns. The franchise manager said that Tamer had been able to reach new heights and further the development of the company. Diego Elizarrarras is one of the organizers of the competition in Mexico. He said that he was very pleased that a franchisee of Mexico had won. He noted that it showed a change from the days that the franchises in the country only focused on regional competitions.

Yunes won the competition at the national level in Mexico. Yunes was hopeful that he would win the international award. The judges comprised of a team of representatives from the Mexican Association of Franchises, Universidad Anahuac, and distinguished entrepreneur. Yunes is the founder of several companies including Yandai SA and Planta de Ideas SA. The success of his companies has made him one of the youngest millionaires in the country. He is a real estate investor and owns properties in Mexico and New York. Yunes has been able to do this because of his ability to spot good investments early.

The CTRMA And Their Efforts To Improve Transport In Austin

The Central Texas Regional Mobile Authority of Texas or CTRMA for short is an organization that is based out of Austin, Texas. It is known for its numerous transportation and infrastructure projects that they have undertaken over the years. Since the inception of the CTRMA, the organization has transformed the scene of traffic in the city and has helped improve the lives of the numerous people living there. In the past few years, Austin has been facing massive traffic problems, due to the surge of individuals residing in the city. Numerous people move to Austin every year in search of jobs and a better life. The city’s infrastructure wasn’t built to support this increased amount of individuals, and hence is experiencing a strain on the resources that it can give to the people. The time that one spends in traffic in the city has increased, with few organizations working to improve the situation.


The Central Texas Regional Mobile Authority of Texas is not a government agency, though it has worked extremely closely with numerous governmental bodies. It is behind some of the projects that have significantly benefited the people who are living in the city. The CTRMA built the city’s first toll roads, to provide travelers an alternative route that they can opt for when on their daily commute. These toll booths have proven to be extremely useful in pushing the traffic over to alternative roads to ease the strain on the one’s that people mostly take. By giving people a choice, those who are really in a hurry will never have to be stuck with no alternative.


The reason why the CTRMA has been so successful over the years is that of the incredible leadership that guides the organization. One of the main people behind the success of the CTRMA is Mike Heiligenstein. Mike Heiligenstein is known to be one of the most respected individuals in the transportation scene and is considered to be a wise source for helping organizations with their infrastructure planning. Over the years, Mike Heiligenstein has worked with numerous different transportation organizations and has contributed to improving the transportation facilities in various cities across the country. With joining the CTRMA, Mike Heiligenstein aims to help the people of Austin, and give them roads that are less jammed. Mike Heiligenstein has also been part of many nongovernmental organizations, which cater towards understanding and finding solutions for the transportation problems that the city faces.

Madison Street Capital Growth and Change

If you want to get personal financial advice, there are a lot places you can go to. However, few of those places will actually take the time to get to know your personal financial situation. Madison Street Capital is a company that has changed along with the financial industry over the years. However, the company has also maintained a close commitment to customer services with their clients. The company values customer service in a variety of ways, and they are excited about the changes that are coming for the future. Madison Street Capital has proven that they are ready and willing to take their business growth to a new level.


Madison Street Capital


From the time the company was started, Madison Street Capital has worked to provide value to clients. A lot of people today struggle with their finances because they do not understand how to invest and pay off debt for the future. If this is something that describes your current situation, you should work with a company that can help you get organized and take things to the next level. Madison Street Capital is a great company that a lot of people love working with. They are committed to having their customer service team help you in any way possible. Not only that, but they have proven that they have the financial knowledge to help as well.


The Debt Problem


Most of the clients that come into work with Madison Street Capital have debt issues. Over the years, the economy has gotten better and many people have started to spend money again. If you want to excel in your finances, you have to clear out bad debt where you are spending money on various things in your life. Now is the time to start thinking about the future where you can build wealth. Student loans are a major issue that many people have to deal with today. The good news is that you can start to see the light at the end of the tunnel if you will just get on a plan and start investing for the future. The Madison Street Capital reputation is the best in the business.


Final Thoughts


Over the years, Madison Street Capital has proven that they are a company that truly values the opinions of other people in the community. They are excited about the growth changes that are starting to take place. Not only that, but they want to help others in the community as well.


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