Bridget Scarr: The Brain behind Colibri Studios

Bridget Scarr is an inventive, talented producer, executive creator, and an author. She has worked in the media fraternity for more than 15 years, making her acquire a big number of viewers where she reasons with them in more than one way. She’s also taken the role of supervising the innovative progress in various inventions which takes around five to 220 persons. These include plays, kid’s cartoons, show business, the way of life, and realistic performance software design. Bridget takes part in tactic and organization at Colibri Studios where she leads by working together with worldwide newscasters, schemes associates, and innovative ability to convey plans become a reality.


In an interview, she says she desired a special place for her ideas where she could make them a reality no matter their subjects. She adds by altering her profession Colibri Studios came to life. Under no circumstance does Bridget use her handset in the course of the tour when starting her daytime. Instead, Scarr takes medicine to enable her to stay motivated and concentrated during daytime to perform tasks at hand especially between nine and 12. As from two pm, she is not tied up, so she gets to partake lunch with her husband and son at their house. She would then ease up, read electronic mails, watch a show, or research other places for motivation.


Bridget Scarr adds that she is at the time doing an assignment that is greater than any previously done which links operators with the past scenarios. More so, it helps comprehend what persons experienced during that period of different upbringings and beliefs by making it significant. A venture like this one consumes a lot of energy and time which could last even years to complete so finding a good associate with relevant subjects is key. Bridget Scarr continues by saying that the computer era has taken over the industry in a good way, like in learning institutions and the health sector. The new generation could make a complete first-hand form of presentation which can be a flawless device for the depository, collecting, and displaying objects having scientific, historical, or artistic value.


Bridget reveals that nature assists her link with the planet in a deeper level, making her get good concepts. Also, making time for some activities with her son reminds her what’s vital. Fear leads to failure so having faith in oneself is key to success and also be thankful for all you have. The practical application of science ought to help people lead better lives.


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Goettl Air Conditioning Expands Westward as New Phase Begins

Since 1932 when Goettl Air Conditioning was founded by brothers Adam and Gust, the company has been at the forefront of elite air conditioning companies in the Southwest. The company was the first to introduce refrigerated air conditioning and evaporative cooling systems to desert dwellers.

The customer satisfaction and profitability had been among the best in the business until the nineties when things began to go sour in a hurry. The company had been purchased by a large national management company. It turned out that while things looked good at the outset, it became impossible for the larger company to focus on the details that make customer service happen in an excellent way.

In 2013 Goettl was purchased by Ken Goodrich who had made a career out of revitalizing sick and deteriorating companies and bringing them back to a profitable state. The challenge with Goettl included a lawsuit where there had been possible questionable business tactics and terrible customer satisfaction with employee morale that was in the gutter. Check out for more info.

Goodrich immediately began communications push with both customers and employees which eventually turned the tide. The focus changed from just counting money to the emphasis on 100 percent customer satisfaction. More community involvement such as the 50,000 cases of water donated to the homeless in Phoenix in the hot summer is an example of the many community events Goettl sponsored. For more details visit LinkedIn.

Located in Phoenix, Tucson and Las Vegas, Goettl has always been focused primarily in the residential heating and air markest. As was well-stated in a recent issue of BizJournals, the Goettle of Southern California based Walton Heating and Air brought a new dimension to the table. Walton Heating and Air has always been a commercial HVAC dealer and was light in the residential area. So a marriage was made in heaven when Goodrich made the acquisition.

Todd Longbrake, the owner of Walton’s had stated that he had expanded Walton’s to the maximum limit that he was capable of and that the company had reached a plateau. Since the acquisition, the Southern California branch has had a tenfold growth. You can also check reviewbuzz to see more.

Customers are happy again and the total revenue annually has reached in excess of $50 million. Goodrich put into place a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee for all service, parts, and equipment. If the customer is not happy, you do not have a business, according to Goodrich. He also implemented a hiring and training program that has added techs and office personnel the right way so that there is an adequate backup for customers.

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A Look into some of the Groups that Advocate for Civil, Human, and Migrant Rights

A lot of people face discrimination and illegal persecution. There has been a continuous war against these injustices for a long time, but the fight does not seem to end. To create more awareness to the public and the oppressed parties, groups that advocate for civil, human, and migrant rights have been set up.

What has led to the rampant rise in the number of these groups is the extensive violation of human rights at all levels. These groups use the media, courts, and even shelters to promote awareness.

Groups that advocate for civil, human, and migrant rights

Advocates for Human Rights

Advocates for Human Rights is a non-profit organization which is independent, as well as nonpartisan. It was formed in 1983, and ever since, it has been firm in its quest to fight for the rights of children, immigrants, and any other marginalized groups. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikipedia and Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

The organization takes pride in its ability to create and maintain long lasting holistic change both at national and global levels. Its operations are made possible by an extensive network of partners, volunteers, and supporters, who ensure international human rights are observed by reinforcing the rule of law.

Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law

The primary reason this body was established is so they could be able to reassure equal rights for everyone, through the practice of law. However, it mainly targets individuals or communities who face racial or ethnic discrimination.

It was commissioned at the request of President John F. Kennedy, to raise the issue of racial discrimination. This form of discrimination had led to significant favoritism in the availability of opportunities.

The Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights (CHIRLA)

This Californian group was established in 1986. It was founded after the Immigration Reform and Control Act was amended to make the employment of undocumented individuals illegal. It has become a national figure, comprising of immigrant families and individuals.

These people work tirelessly as they try to create a world with freedom of mobility, and where all citizens enjoy the right of participating in democratic activities.

Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey are two journalists, who are also the cofounders of the Phoenix New Times. In October 2007, they were arrested by Sheriff Joe Arpaio, of Maricopa County Arizona. The Sheriff had since learned that his misdeeds were being exposed through the Phoenix New Times. Their paper also revealed how grand jury subpoenas were targeting the writers of the journal, as well as the editors and even readers.

After a public uproar, all their charges were dropped, and even the grand jury inquiry brought to an end. Larkin and Lacey had filed a lawsuit against the Maricopa County for wrongful arrest, and in 2013 they received a settlement worth $3.75 million.

They since opened the Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund and dedicated all the settlement money they received to funding other groups that fight for civil, human, and migrant rights.

What can be Learned from Roberto Santiago’s Entrepreneurial Journey and Success

Roberto Santiago is a prominent businessperson in Brazil who made his fortune from building a shopping mall. He is regarded as the creative force behind one of the most lucrative and largest business complexes in Brazil. The business complex is known as the Roberto Santiago Maniara Shopping Mall.


Academic and Entrepreneurial Background


Roberto’s desire to build a facility that would cater to people’s recreational and shopping needs began when he was in college. He pursued an undergraduate degree course in business administration to prepare him for his future entrepreneurship career. His goal was to set up a structure that would suit people of all ages.


Before launching the shopping mall, Roberto had garnered a huge following on the Internet. He used to create fascinating and informative articles that were posted on his blog. From blogging, Roberto got insights on some of the recreational and shopping needs that people require these days. Besides the Roberto Santiago Maniara Shopping Mall, he is also the brains behind the Mangiera Mall.


The Roberto Santiago Maniara Shopping Mall


The shopping complex lies on a large piece of land situated in Paraiba State, Brazil. It can be compared to a small town since it comprises of lodging, recreational and retail facilities. All your needs as a shopper are catered for once you visit the business complex. The Maniara Mall is made up of 280 premises. The premises feature schools, healthcare facilities, boutiques and concert halls.


One of the most exciting features of the Maniara is the entertainment sector. The industry comprises of state-of-the-art theatres with 3D capabilities. The industry also comprises of the Domus Hall, which is a fully equipped theatre aimed at serving clients with thrilling entertainment and experience. The well-ventilated hall has a carrying capacity of 8,000 people.


Roberto Santiago was also ambitious about building a facility that can address people’s catering needs. His mall comprises of several catering joints where clients can request for their favorite dishes. The catering area can accommodate individuals, couples, and families. Within the mall, kids also get the chance to play with their favorite toys. The shopping complex features several playing stations for kids that are fully equipped.


Roberto Santiago as a Legend


It is safe to say that Roberto Santiago made a name for himself not only in the Brazilian business sector but also in other parts of the world. He is celebrated as a unique entrepreneur whose passion for striving at addressing people’s diverse needs, changed the Brazilian economy for good. Roberto is also one of the most influential entrepreneurs in Brazil. Most budding entrepreneurs look up to him. They consider him as a living legend and an admirable businessperson. The Roberto Santiago Maniara Shopping Mall is a great asset to the dwellers of Maniara in economic and recreational aspects.

Bernardo Chua

Bernardo Chua is the founder and CEO of OrganoGold. He is a well-respected businessman worldwide in his field of multilevel marketing. He started his career as an executive for Gano Excel in Philippine and within a period of three years, he had helped expanding the business to other areas and continents including the United States, Canada and other regions in Asia. Currently, OrganoGold is one of the world`s largest producers of instant coffee, tea and tablets.

Mr. Chua`s successes include his award of the Asia-Pacific Excellence Award in the year 2003 for outstanding MLM Company. He achieved all these through his kindness, progressive thinking and principles of nurturing a long-term relationship with people.

With the passion of entrepreneurship, Bernardo Chua masterminds the production and distribution of the healthy products. His name always come first to be mentioned when it comes to debates or accomplishments in the global multilevel marketing.

His firm, Organo Gold, has specialized and focused on producing and selling a broad spectrum of healthy bioactive coffee products containing Ganoderma Lucidium.

The company sells these products via reliable multi-level marketing distribution channel on a wholesale basis. Origin of Organo Gold, Bernardo Chua had learned the numerous benefits that Ganoderma Licidium could offer. Learn more about Bernardo Chua: and

And as he grew up, he was able to make his own healthy products from this valuable herb and commercialize them. Over time he gained experience in the multi-level marketing, after working for companies such as Gano Excel, he decided to establish his own company.

However, before Bernado Chua found international commercial success, he first came to prominence in 1999 when he became the co-founder and general manager of Gano Excel Philippines and the Operations Officer of Gano. The company developed a range of health products including a type of mushroom called Ganoderma.

Finally, when Chua established his company, he used independent contractors to sell his company`s products. The distribution network through its Coffee Connoisseur Club in USA and Canada has enabled the company to operate in over 30 countries privately held.

The Legacy of Norman Pattiz in the Media Industry

Norman Lear is a multi-talented creative who is also a writer, World war II veteran, director, and producer. His legendary contributions include the Jeffersons, Good Times and All in the Family that shaped and changed American television. Currently, Norman uses his voice to further topics he is passionate about through a weekly podcast. His program, All of Above with Norman Lear seeks to entertain, champion meaningful social and political conversations, and provide all-round topics for the family. Paul Hipp, Norman’s friend, is a regular host on the program. Celebrity guests from different fields also frequent the show that debuted on May 1. Learn more:

New episodes are available on, iTunes, and the PodcastOne app every Monday. There is a pre-subscription option offer for fans. Norman Lear, 95, hopes to connect with all audiences regardless of their ages.

Mr. Pattiz serves as the Executive Chairman and owner of PodcastOne. Norman’s inspiration to tap into the podcast market is the niche that exists the audio on-demand sector. Since its inauguration in 2012, PodcastOne has become a market trendsetter and leader in the area. Other than Norman, the PodcastOne also features Shaquille O’Neal, Larry King, and Laura Ingraham plus a host of other known talents.

Norman has over 40 years experience in the broadcast industry and is the founder of Westwood One. As a leader at Westwood One, Norman steered the company to a leadership position in the American broadcast industry. Some of the networks owned or managed by Westwood One include CNN radio, NBC Radio, NCAA basketball, Summer Olympic Games, CBS news, the Super Bowl and other channels and talk shows. The Courtside Entertainment Group, another Norman Pattiz’s company, distributes and produces quality programs since 2010.

In 2000 and 2002, Norman was part of the Broadcasting Board of Governors of the USA, a body that oversees state broadcasting services for U.S nonmilitary such as The Voice of America. He contributed to the launch of the pioneer American Arabic language television and radio broadcaster in 22 Middle East countries and the Farsi language broadcast in Iran. Norman is the founder of People for America, a liberal advocacy group. He is also actively involved in activities that champion for freedom and independence. He also serves as Chair of the Lawrence Livermore and Los Alamos National Security Laboratories.

He was a recipient National Medal of Arts in 1999. The Library of American Broadcasting honored Mr. Pattiz with the Giant of Broadcasting Award in 2009. Learn more:

Impressionable facts about Todd Lubar

In recent years, technological advancement has boomed all over the world at a very high rate. This has had significant advantages to not only economic growth but also in improving people’s lives. Such advancements can be notably seen in the real estate sector, where the invention of smart homes has changed building and construction for the better.

Different people from all over the world have over time developed various products that improve the way we do things in the house. It is important to note that smart houses itself did not come as a single innovation but rather, a series of different ideas combining in what is now known as the internet of things. This refers to an array of devices that rely on the web to perform basic home functions. A simple smartphone or computer is now connected to a variety of home appliances. What used to be science fiction is now a reality as with smart houses the home using voice control technology can talk back to you.

According to the Geeks News, the benefits of this revolutionary advancement are greater for disabled people. Such people would in the past rely on someone else to do virtually everything for them in their routine daily activities. However, smart home technology has changed that with the introduction of command center devices that can control most devices in the house like switching on the lights, opening and closing windows, and even turning on the radio.

Todd Lubar is a real estate guru who has contributed immensely in the field of smart houses technology. Having joined the mortgage industry in 1995 at Crestar Mortgage, he has lots of experience in the housing market and has seen the real estate grow tremendously. He has also helped his highly skilled team of employees to design better house so as to meet the various needs of his customers, Besides, Todd has implemented a broad range of ideas in his firm to ensure that he offers unique services and products to his clients.

Currently based in Baltimore, where he is president of TDL Global ventures, Todd Lubar has been actively involved in rehabilitating unused buildings and making smart houses out of them. He believes in improving the lives of his clients by providing affordable smart homes, which embrace the latest technology in building.

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Is George Soros a Student of Karl Popper?

According to the Open Society Foundations, of which George Soros is the founder and chairman, the world needs to appreciate Australian philosopher Karl Popper’s ‘Open Society and Its Enemies’ publication in order to live in harmony and peace. The Open Society Foundations make an impressive effort to explain the background of Karl Popper’s argument and why George Soros is so keen to help the world live out the recommendations of the school of thought. The Open Society Foundation is a creation by George Soros that operates in over 100 countries. It engages in strategic philanthropic activities that liberate the oppressed who actively pursue their freedom from identity persecution and dictatorial government.

The Atlantic, via an article titled ‘The Capitalist Threat‘ describes historical patterns of civilizations and regimes that rose and fell for simply assuming their doctrines and philosophies were superior than others and thus imposing their ideologies on others. The school of thought, initially proposed by Henri Bergson, cited a common fallacy among all totalitarian regimes; that they possessed the ultimate truth. Karl Popper polished up the school of thought in his publication, The Open Society and Its Enemies (1945). In the publication, the Australian suggested that no single society had humanity completely figured out and that each society had clues that other societies did not. He further explained that no society was entirely right and no society was entirely wrong. The ultimate wrong, however, was committed by totalitarian societies who forced other societies to abide by their perception of the Ultimate Truth.

One of the most relevant examples of societies that wrongfully tried to impose their doctrines of superiority on other societies that the Australian provided, not only to George Soros, but the entire world, was the Nazi Regime. The Nazi Regime perceived the Germanic races superior to others and even invaded Hungary to kill all of the Jews who lived there. It managed to kill over 500,000 Hungarian Jews and would have even killed more had it not been for the Soros family. George Soros and his kin evaded death by concealing their Jewish identities. They not only forged identity documents for themselves to that effect, but also did it for other Jewish families which had the resolve to survive. Soros made a successful move to the United States, after studying at the London School of London. He never forgot his roots. He remembered how he had been oppressed for merely being Jewish and resolved to use his wealth to help other individuals and societies that got persecuted for their identities across the world. Through the Open Society Foundations, he has been able to strategically put the 12 billion dollars he has given out to charity throughout his life to fund liberal causes.


George Soros follows insightful and novel strategy for criminal justice reform

Throughout the history of the U.S. criminal justice system, progressives have long sought to ameliorate the disparities that have persisted between minorities and whites in sentencing and being convicted of crimes. Through decades of focused efforts, nothing seems to have worked. Today’s progressives are slowly coming to the realization that the strategies that they have attempted before have been inadequate. This has particularly been true in the face of the gigantic, lucrative and deeply entrenched prison industrial complex, which employs hundreds of thousands of people throughout the country.

But one of the progressive movements most lionized and visible leaders, George Soros, has decided to attempt a new strategy to reform the long-standing disparities that exist within the criminal justice system. Soros has decided to begin personally funding the campaigns of progressive candidates throughout the South, particularly those running for sheriff, judgeships and prosecutorial offices. Read this story about George at

The strategy has proven to be extremely effective thus far. George Soros has donated tens of millions of dollars to prosecutorial races throughout the Southern United States, leading to victories in almost every single instance. But this strategy relies on one crucial fact, which many progressives that have attempted to change the system from the top down have long ignored.

In the United States criminal justice system, the person who often has the most power is the prosecutor or district attorney. This is due to the fact that they have a tool at their disposal that is unique to the U.S. justice system. This tool is the plea bargain.

Plea bargains developed as a means to handle the incredibly heavy case load of urban metropolises throughout the United States. Without the ability to dispense with the vast majority of cases without trial, the court systems throughout the nation’s largest cities would quickly become clogged, leading to criminals walking free and innocent people needing to wait years in order for their cases to be heard. Because this violates the U.S. constitutional right to a quick and speedy trial, the plea bargain was developed to ensure that people were not languishing in jail for years to be seen by a judge for a parking infraction. Read more at The New York Times about George.

But this new tool gave the prosecutors enormous sway over individual lives. By threatening to charge defendants with crimes that can carry up to 20 years in prison, prosecutors can oftentimes compel people to plead to much lesser crimes, even in cases where they may not necessarily be guilty. This is theorized to be one of the leading factors that have led to the disparities in incarceration rates between minorities and whites in the United States.

Through progressive prosecutors, who have the discretion to charge people or not charge people with crimes, Soros believes that it will be possible to radically diminish, from the ground up, the number of minorities that are sent to prison.

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Hot Topic

Migrant rights have become quite a hot topic for the day, and Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin lead the way through Frontera Fund. Their organization helps others to learn and stay aware of the many needs. Migrant needs are no less important than human rights all over; in fact, they are the very same thing as migrants are humans.

Thus, to violate the rights of any migrate is to violate the rights of any human individual, and that – according to God, Michael Lacey, Jim Larkin and several others in today’s age – is a crime. Human beings are perhaps God’s most prized possession, and their needs must be fought for in every generation. May it be no different in 30 years. People will still be first and foremost.

Why are illegal immigrants becoming such a hot button of discussion in today’s generation, especially now more than ever before? The answer is simple: It is merely because there are more and more of them; think about it – more migrants move into the U.S. and into other countries than have ever done so before, and there must be a reason why.

In fact, many claim that the reason is because most countries have a strict imposition of human rights that has been placed there by flawed laws and by an ultimately corrupt government: Just look at China, Mexico, North Korea and Venezuela alone and you’ll see that such logic cannot be far from the truth at all.

The more communistic and totalitarian that any country’s leaders become, the more that the country’s dwellers will wish to flee at the first opportunity. Just consider the situation in the Middle East: ISIS, for instance, has caused religious and moral oppression to many living in Iran, Iraq, Israel and other surrounding countries, and describing the damage as catastrophic would be understating it; in fact, many have not even been able to migrate due to living conditions, economic standing and lack of certain resources or connections.

Those living in Russia, Czech Republic and Turkey, for example, are not too far behind either: They continue to flock to the U.S. by boat, foot, ship, plane or whatever other method they can acquire; the human rights violations there are no joke, and it’s all thanks to the evil men in office there – those with the unspeakable power to do much harm. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikipedia

North Korea’s situation is similar. Kim Jong Un is missing more than a few screws in his tight-bolted head, not to mention a brain inside of there. I suppose his predecessor and communist father forgot to install one or have one shipped over before little Kimmy was born, and that’s just sad.

North Korea faces more than just a regular food and water drought but so much more; the hand of evil remains in power there, and more activists are needed than ever before – those will speak for the unspoken. These few countries are only examples of many other untold stories, hot topics.

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